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With anyone can easily register for NTN and submit their Tax Return. Grow As a FILER. In Pakistan Company, Trademark, Import & Export License (PSW), GST, Business Registration all services are available on

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Frequently Asked Questions

In two or three working days, you may easily register with FBR. After you have registered with FBR, we will also give you a business certificate, and you will be able to create a business account for your company

  • There Are Three Types Of NTN
  • Individual NTN (Sole Proprietor)
  • AOP NTN (Associations of Person)
  • Company NTN

If you start your business with FBR, you will be able to receive your business name quickly, but if you register with AOP, you will not be able to acquire your business name quickly. After registering your firm
with FBR, you can quickly establish a business account. As well as Banks deduct less tax at the source on both earnings and cash withdrawals. Withholding tax reduction.

You need have a valid CNIC, Mobile Number and an Email.

  • You’ll need an individual NTN if you own a small business or work elsewhere.
  • If two or more people are doing business together, they should form a firm/company and obtain an
  • Banks deduct less tax at the source on both earnings and cash withdrawals.
  • Taxes on profits will be reduced.
  • When you become a filer, people trust you more.


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