Trade Mark Registration

Any term, symbol, design, or combination of these things that distinguishes your goods or services can be used as a trademark. It’s how clients know you and tell you apart from your rivals in the marketplace. it’s your brand name your business identity.
Benefits of Trademark
➢ The owner of a Registered Trademark has exclusive ownership of the mark
➢ The trademark builds confidence and goodwill among clients in the market by establishing the established quality of your goods and services.
➢ It makes it simple for customers to locate your products. It distinguishes your product and its identity from that of present and anticipated rivals and serves as an effective promotional tool.
➢ It acknowledges the product’s superior quality. Customers associate the brand name with the product’s quality.
➢ An organization’s intangible asset, Intellectual Property, is created when a trademark is registered. A trademark registration creates a right that can be sold, transferred, licensed, or commercially
➢ Once your trademark is registered, you may use the ® sign in your logo to indicate that it is a registered trademark and that no one else can use it.
A trademark registration usually takes 1 year.

However, after you submit an application, you will be assigned a number (TMno), which you may use to add tm to your brand. You can use the R sign with your name once you’ve received the certificate. 

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